Quotations from the Chairman
"Culture is an important cornerstone to help enterprises achieve their growth goals. It can help companies clearly identify their goals and directions in the complex operation activities."
—— Chairman Cheng Jianxin
Yundom, Promise
  • Committed to making the world a better place

    In Yundom what we know is that we are committed to new energy and oil and gas industries to make the world carbon neutral and better; It is the cruise ship and automation that we are committed to that make the world full of vigor and vitality. Because of this, since Yundom was founded ,we always regard promoting the prosperity and progress of the industry as our mission.
  • Firm commitment to achieve the trust of customers

    Over the past four years, whether it is the original onshore wind power tower internals manufacturing, or the manufacturing of wind turbine main cabin and underground foundation components, or the construction of oil and gas modules, luxury cruise lines and automation equipment components, we have always been firmly committed to meeting the needs of customers as much as possible and achieving their trust. We are down-to-earth, quality and delivery in the first place; We work together to make the impossible possible; We make unremitting exploration and fulfill every expectation of our customers.
  • Employees are always the most valuable assets of Yundom

    Employees are always the most valuable assets of Yundom. The company is committed to exploring competitiveness for continuous development, with the ability to provide employees with the maximum possible safe working environment, the most competitive salary and welfare, the most reasonable career development channel and long-term stable working platform.
  • Create new achievements and heights

    We promise that in the future, Yundom will adhere to the strategic determination, continue to pay attention to the needs and challenges of customers, constantly think and act, and cooperate with customers, shareholders, employees and relevant parties, so that the wind power new energy, luxury cruise, seabed mining, oil and gas energy and automation industries will radiate new vitality and vitality and grow together with customers, Create new achievements and heights together.