Wind Equipment Components

With the advantages of high quality, on time delivery and low cost, Yundom has become a qualified supplier of the top ten wind turbine vendors in the world, such as VESTAS, SGRE, GE, NOEDEX, Goldwind , Envision, Windey, Sany and DEC. Yundom provide high-quality, safe and reliable product also provide research, development, design, manufacture and service of precision components of wind equipment for them, products including wind nacelle structural components, wind tower internal components , anchor plate of wind tower foundation, wind tower damping products and complete one-stop supply solutions of supply chain, etc.
  • Wind Nacelle Components
    With continuously established advantages in collaborative research and development, technology and process, quality, delivery and cost management, Yundom has now become an excellent supplier of the top ten wind turbine vendors in the world, such as Goldwind , Envision, Windey, Sany and DEC to provide them with high-quality, safe 2-15MW wind tower main engine cabin frame, pedals, shields, pipe fittings, hardware, safety parts and other precision components.
  • Wind Tower Internals

    With the advantages of professional R&D and design capability, accurate delivery capability, outstanding flexible customization capability and the largest single factory in the world, Yundom has become one of the top ten wind turbine vendors in the world such as Vestas, SGRE, GE, Goldwind, Envision, Sany and DEC.As well as the qualified suppliers of CSWIND, Titian Wind, TSP, TNP and Dajin Heavy Industry, the leading tower manufacturers in the world, to provide them with high-quality and safe one-stop solutions for 2-15 MW Wind tower internals

    The R&D and design team of Yundom is equipped with excellent person, advanced hardware and software, and adopts international standards and specifications to provide customers with the overall design of tower and internal accessories system, process package design, production design and so on. The research and development achievements of Yundom have been successfully applied in Brazil, Chile, Vietnam and China on a large scale.

  • Supply Chain Solution
    With the advanced supply chain system, abundant supply chain practices and extensive supply chain resources, based on a full understanding of customer needs, and through abundant supplier resources distributed in more than 20 countries around the world and supply chain centers in China, Yundom are constantly integrating the supply chain ecosystem to provide competitive equipment, raw and auxiliary materials and other components. Ensure product delivery and meet the one-stop demand of the project.
  • Digital Transformation
    We have a perfect project management system, which is enough to ensure green production, civilized production and standardized management in the whole life cycle of each project. It embodies the unity of high efficiency, safety, environmental protection and high quality of our project management, and controls every node plan in the whole life cycle, all directions and implementation process of the project. Digital transformation is the most important direction of the company in the future. Comprehensively promote R&D Informa ionization, marketing digitalization and manufacturing intelligence, and interconnect employees, customers, suppliers, business intelligence and interfaces. Digitalization will become one of the core competitiveness of Yundom in the future.