HSE management system process
According to GB/T 28001-2011/OHSAS 18001-2007, GB/T 24001-2004/ISO 14001-2015 series of standards, established Yundom's HSE management system, and implemented it in various operating factories to systematically control HSE risks.
10 elements of HSE management system
  • 1、general manager's commitment, policy objectives and responsibilities
  • 2、organization, responsibilities, resources and document control
  • 3、risk assessment and hidden trouble control
  • 4、supplier management
  • 5、device (facility) design and construction
  • 6、operation and maintenance
  • 7、change management and emergency management
  • 8、inspection and supervision
  • 9、accident treatment and prevention
  • 10、audit, review and continuous improvement
HSE management system certification

Yundom HSE management system has passed the certification.

Safety management principle

Yundom put forward the mandatory "Safety Management Principles" and "Employee Life-saving Terms", striving to create a safe working atmosphere and environment, emphasizing that employees and contractors must understand and Comply with the safety requirements, so as to prevent the occurrence of major casualties.

Yundom Safety management principles
  • Safe is a necessary condition for the safe employment of employees.
  • All operations should be confirmed before safety.
  • Managers are responsible for the safety in the managed business.
  • Leaders and employees must receive safety assessment and training.
  • Leaders and employees must participate in hazard identification and risk control.
  • All potential safety hazards must be rectified immediately.
  • Safety inside and outside work is equally important.
Life insurance clause for employees
  • Illegal command and operation are strictly prohibited.
  • Strictly forbidden to use mobile phones when driving vehicles.
  • Strictly forbidden to smoke or use fire in no-fire areas.
  • Strictly forbidden to work after taking narcotic drugs.
  • Strictly forbidden to drive after drink wine.
  • Labor protection articles must be used correctly.
  • Work permit must be obtained before special operations.
  • You must wear a seat belt when driving.