People have quality, business also has quality.
Starting a business is like being a man.
We will 100% realize every promise we make
Shouldering the vision and mission,with its gradually established competitive advantages in technology,
quality, delivery time and cost,Yundom has become the choice of more and more global customers
Clients'needs and challenges, our solutions
We focus on the needs and challenges of customers, constantly forge ahead,
provide competitive solutions for customers,
and continue to create greater value for customers
Lead the service with technology
and be the creator of customer value
Based on more than 20 years of understanding and experience
in the field of wind and oiland gas energy,
we integrate technological innovation from a global perspective,
and give customers one-stop integrated solutions
Safe, reliable and efficient,
let the world enjoy clean energy
and green water and green mountains
With a deep understanding of customers' demands for safety and reliability,
we have experienced the tempering of time
and quickly gained a solid leading position in several subdivision tracks

About Yundom

Company Profile
Nantong Yundom Precision Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological R & D and manufacturing company operating for global customers. We do our best to provide customers with competitive, high-quality, safe and reliable metal parts products, services and systematic solutions in wind industry. We focus on the needs and challenges of all our customers, which makes us not only deeply cultivate and continuously innovate in the field of wind energy equipment, but also explore and... More
Business Areas
Yundom Provides Global Customers
with Competitive Integrated Solutions
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