Privacy Clause

This privacy policy describes the collection, use and disclosure of personal data by Yundom. "Yundom","we" or "we" means the parent company, whose details can be found on the Yundom website.

Welcome to our website. Yundom is well aware of the importance of privacy to you, so we hope that through this privacy policy, you can understand our policies and procedures, the relevant personally identifiable information that you must provide when visiting the website, and how we will use your personally identifiable information. This privacy policy applies only to is invalid for any other website or service. If you disagree with this privacy policy, you should not use the website.

Personally Identifiable Information Collected By Yundom

If you voluntarily submit information to Yundom, we may collect and store your personally identifiable information. Personally identifiable information may include your name, email address, home address and other information that identifies you.

Non-personally IdentifiableInformation Collected By Yundom

Yundom may also collect and store integrated or anonymous information about users' contact and use of websites through cookies (described as below) and other methods. This kind of information includes access to demographic information, the internet browser you use, the computer operating system application software and peripheral devices,The domain name of your connection to our website and your browsing habits. Non-personal identity information may also include integrated personal identity information, that is to say, no personal information is specially determined. (For example, how many users visit the website in a specific city. )

How Do We Use Your Personally Identifiable Information

Yundom will only use your personally identifiable information according to the following policies.

Yundom may also use your personally identifiable information collected by us to send you marketing information about our goods and services from time to time, or the marketing information of our customers or other third parties. Except for the groups listed below, we will not disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties without your permission.We may provide your personally identifiable information to our customers (on the premise that customers also agree to abide by the privacy protection given in similar policies), companies affiliated to Yundom, technical consultants and other third parties that ensure the normal operation of the website, enhance the website function or provide related services (only for the purpose of providing Yundom website services)

The information obtained from website association may be mixed and used by us in combination with the information obtained from resources outside the website, including offline and online resources.

We also reserve the right to be required by courts or administrative agencies to provide and/or disclose information, and to a certain extent, we need to allow us to investigate suspected fraud, harassment or other acts violating laws, rules or regulations, website rules or policies, or the rights of third parties or investigate any suspicious acts deemed inappropriate by Yundom.

How Do We Use Your Non-personally Identifiable Information

We may disclose your non-personally identifiable information to third parties for some reasons, including advertising, promotion and/or other purposes.


The website may contain links to third-party web pages. Yundom is not responsible for the privacy policy of such third-party websites. Please carefully check their privacy policies before providing any information to these websites.

You can choose not to receive information from NSS. This kind of unsubscribe information can be found at the bottom of every promotional email pushed to you by Yundom. You can also choose to remove yourself from the active user database of Yundom.If you don't want to use the website service or receive information directly from Yundom in any form, whether it is email, discount, newsletter or other promotional offers or materials, or want us to delete your personally identifiable information from the active user database, please send us a request marked as "Privacy-Urgent" and contact us.

However, if Yundom discloses your information to a third party according to this privacy policy, we are not responsible for removing your information from the third party list or any form of database.

Please note that although we may have removed your information from our active user list, we reserve the right to keep information registration or collection for commercial reasons, such as information archiving.

Check or Update Your Information

To ensure that the information we maintain is accurate, Yundom provides users with the right to change or modify the information they provided before. If you want to change the information in our database, please contact us.

Yundom is not responsible for updating the information stored in the third party list or database.


We are committed to taking reasonable measures to ensure your information security. In order to avoid unauthorized login, maintain the accuracy of data and ensure the proper use of information, we implement physical, electronic and management processes to help secure and protect the information we take on the Internet. However, because of the inherent openness of the Internet,We can't guarantee that the communication between you and us or the information stored on the website or our server will be completely protected from unauthorized login by third parties, such as hacker attacks, and your use of the website means that you can bear the possibility of this threat.

Children's Privacy Protection

This website is not for users under the age of 16, and we do not collect personal identification information of children (for example, individuals under the age of 16). If a parent or guardian finds that a child has provided us with personally identifiable information and wants the information submitted by the child to be erased from our database,They should contact us and send a request marked as "privacy-urgent". We will take all reasonable measures to eliminate such information from our database.

People's Republic of China

Our website is maintained in the People's Republic of China. By using the website, you express your free and specific consent to the export of your personally identifiable information to the People's Republic of China, and allow us to save and use your information in the way specified in this policy within the People's Republic of China.

Your Consent

We may revise our privacy policy at any time and publish such changes on this page, so you always know what kind of information we collect, how to use or disclose your personally identifiable information, and we will inform you in advance and give you the opportunity to quit using such changes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, business or handling of this website, you can contact us and mail it to

Effective Date

This privacy policy was last updated in January 2022.