Mission, Vision and Values
  • Our Corporate Culture
    Culture is a very important cornerstone to help enterprises achieve their growth goals. It can help companies clearly identify the goals and directions in the complicated operation activities. In the process of its own development, Yundom attaches great importance to cultivating corporate culture, which has been widely recognized by Yundom employees. Naturally, Yundom culture will be displayed in every employee's ideas, thoughts and actions, forming our present organizational atmosphere.
  • Yundom Mission

    Focus on customers' needs and challenges, not only innovate, create value for customers, and commit to the sustainable development of new energy and energy.

    Yundom rooted its strong mission of social responsibility, caring for the environment and creating customer value in its business activities, and became the driving force for Yundom.

  • Yundom Vision

    Customer satisfaction, pride of employees, intellectual creation in China, becoming the world's leading provider of overall solutions for wind energy equipment components, cruise ships and oil and gas module components.

    Yundom has always adhered to the customer-centered, striving-oriented, digital transformation, China's intellectual creation and world sharing as the goal, and practiced our sustainable development strategy in the all-round and whole process of operation.

  • Yundom Values

    Innovation, Responsibility, Reliability, Cooperation and Striving for the First

    Innovation-The changing needs and challenges of customers require us to have updated solutions.

    Responsibility-Customer satisfaction, employee pride and Chinese intelligence are our responsibilities.

    Reliability-Every accurate delivery of our products is based on high quality, safety and reliability.

    Collaboration-building a community of interests, gathering all parties' strength and teamwork.

    Strive for the first place-the belief of "striving for the first place" will always flow in the genes and veins of Yundom people.