Congratulations on the 21st Anniversary of NSS

Release time:2021-12-06



The 21-year journey is like a song. On June 18, 2020, Nantong Sutong shipping ushered in its 21st anniversary. That afternoon, Sutong shipping held a symposium to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the company. The meeting was attended by 46 members of the Zaitong leadership team of Sutong shipping and 46 employees who have been employed in Zaitong for more than 10 years. They reviewed the course of trials and hardships, shared the joy of challenge and success, and looked forward to a better future together.



On June 18, 1999, Sutong Shipping Engineering Management Co., Ltd. was established in Nantong. Over the past 21 years, Sutong shipping has embraced the spring breeze of reform, seized the historical opportunity, people-oriented, always striving for the first and passionate innovation. Starting from the ship repair hull project, Sutong shipping has rapidly developed into a main business focusing on the manufacturing of ship hull and internal outfitting, wind power tower and complete sets of components of wind power equipment through the implementation of business and customer diversification strategy, modular expansion and group management, The enterprise group integrating OEM general contracting of shipbuilding and tower manufacturing engineering and R & D manufacturing service of wind power equipment components has made certain achievements and won the reputation of "leading enterprise of Chinese shipbuilding contractor", "leader of Chinese wind power tower manufacturing contractor", "largest tower interior decoration factory of monomer scale in China", It has become the qualified supplier of the top five wind power host companies in the world and the preferred partner of domestic well-known shipbuilding and tower manufacturing companies.

















46 employees with more than 10 years of service made speeches at the meeting. Jin aiming, executive deputy general manager of Sutong shipping, reviewed the process of participating in the transformation and development of Sutong shipping from repair to manufacturing, wind power tower to wind power component manufacturing and service in three stages of "difficult start-up, chain operation and self built factory", thanked the company for giving the stage for the growth and development of management talents and said that he would set an example, Strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, bravely meet challenges and strive to overcome difficulties. Cheng Jianming, deputy general manager of the company, recalled with deep emotion the bitter course of the company in the initial stage. Today's achievements of the group are hard won. All colleagues should fear the market, identify risks, know how to cherish, work hard and maintain the steady development of the company. Fu Fengjun, the third regional general manager of Sutong shipping, shared with the participants his mental journey as the first group of college students introduced by the company. He joined Sutong shipping from a listed company and grew from a production assistant to a regional head managing four business departments. He was grateful for the development opportunities given by the enterprise and said that he would continue to learn and make progress in his work, Take on the important task of enterprise innovation and development. Zhou Shulin, who joined Sutong shipping at the age of 20 and grew from an ordinary apprentice to the project manager of Qidong COSCO division, is very proud of his birthday in the same year with the company and said that he will lead the team to fight for another 20 years. In cooperation with China's best offshore engineering and oil and gas module customers, he will uphold the craftsman spirit, cultivate an ordinary mind, always strive for the first and polish Sutong shipping brand.

Cheng Jianxin, general manager of the group, presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech. Cheng Jianxin pointed out that the extraordinary development process of Sutong shipping in the past 21 years is inseparable from the teaching and care of the old chairman Cheng Jinyong, the cutting through thorns and passionate development of batch after batch of Sutong shipping personnel, and the strategic planning and forge ahead of the management team, It is also inseparable from the tenacious struggle of all employees and the feeling of taking the company as home. On behalf of Sutong shipping and Guding precision management team, Cheng Jianxin expressed his high respect to the old employees and all employees who have worked hard and wisdom for the development of the two companies for a long time, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the customers, suppliers and friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of the two companies.


Cheng Jianxin stressed that in the process of growing up with the company, everyone here has tears, laughter, pain, sweat, unwillingness to lose, and joy of success. You inherit the training of "innovation and create the future", practice the common values of "vision, innovation, responsibility and passion", and carry forward "Diligence, honesty, integrity, persistence and winning" This is the most elegant and extraordinary temperament and the most precious wealth given to you by Sutong shipping. At present, it is a key period for the development of the two companies of the group. The whole group should inherit the brilliance of the corporate culture watered by the wisdom, hard work and sweat of the old employees, focus on the development strategies of the two companies, concentrate, work together, and use the powerful driving force of cultural guidance Go all out to do a good job in steady expansion, on-time delivery, leading quality, cost reduction and efficiency increase, work safety, improve work efficiency, and make due contributions to the implementation of the group's strategy with practical actions. We should fully carry forward the excellent quality of being brave and responsible, adhere to people-oriented and embrace challenges; we should establish and improve the positive incentive, open and inclusive innovation mechanism and explore new opportunities Forge ahead; maintain the high fighting spirit of facing difficulties and overcoming difficulties; always maintain vitality and integrity, share the same desire from top to bottom, focus on the strategic goal of "customer satisfaction, employee pride and intelligent manufacturing in China", forge ahead and climb the peak.


Over the past 21 years, Sutong shipping has taken fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and promoting the prosperity of the industry as its own responsibility. With the support of core customers dominated by international giants, central enterprises and listed companies, Sutong shipping has established its leading position in the industry with its hard work, profound cultural accumulation and efficient technological innovation. In the future, Sutong shipping and Guding precision will break through the tradition in the industry, make innovative use of production manpower management resources and system strength, cooperate with various parties, continuously expand the shipbuilding and wind power industry chain with new thinking and practice, strengthen the synergy between the group's hull, internal outfitting, wind power tower and wind power components, and cooperate with customers and partners, Radiate the new vitality of building core competitiveness and open up a road to sustainable development in the future.